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Insulating your home properly can be an effective way to save you money throughout the year. However, with so much space to cover, it may not be clear which areas are the best to insulate. To help you plan out which rooms you’ll need to address, the information below can help. Our team at Action 1 Insulation is also here to answer any of your questions and guide you through the process of having this installed by one of our experts.


Insulating throughout your attic can offer many benefits, beginning with energy savings that can reduce stress on your HVAC system. Once insulation is installed, it can help prevent air from escaping and coming in through the roof, which can save you 30% or more on your energy bills throughout the year. Insulation in this area can also improve comfort in your home due to temperature control while also improving indoor air quality by reducing air leaks.

Fiberglass, cellulose, and mineral wool are all excellent materials to use for attic insulation. When choosing the type for your home, you’ll want to go with the one that will improve your home’s R-value the most. Your contractor can help determine this with you.


Insulating your basement ceiling and walls is an excellent way to sound-proof this room and reduce noise transfer to the rooms above. This can allow you to entertain or have a full living space in your basement without interrupting the floors above. Insulating this room can also help with energy savings by keeping the room more temperature-controlled.

Your contractor can work with you to determine which areas of your basement are ideal for insulation. In some home basements, insulation is done in the walls and ceiling. However, other basements may not require as much coverage.


Interior wall insulation is incredibly important in your home because it dramatically helps with interior comfort. It also greatly reduces energy loss while also minimizing noise transfer between rooms and the outdoors. The type of insulation you should have installed will depend on a variety of factors, which is why our team at Action 1 Insulation will customize a plan for your home in particular.

We highly recommend installing more insulation than you think you may need. This won’t cost much more but will benefit you in many ways. More insulation may even pay for itself in energy savings throughout the year.

Crawl Space

Your crawl space can be a major source of air loss throughout the year, which is why we highly recommend insulating it. Not only will this help control the indoor temperature, but it will also improve air quality by reducing contaminants in the air. If you live in a warm climate, 3.5″ of insulation should be enough. If you’re in a cold climate, then double that amount of insulation may be necessary. Since this can be a tight space to access, many homeowners choose to have spray foam or blow-in insulation installed. However, you can work with your contractor to determine what’s best for the amount of space you have.


Even if you don’t use your garage as a living space, it’s still important to have it insulated. This is especially true if your garage is connected to your home, as air from the garage can pass through into your living space. With proper insulation installed, this room will maintain a more comfortable temperature and noise transfer will be dramatically reduced. Insulation can be installed in walls and the ceiling for maximum benefits.


Although insulation in your floors won’t make them feel warm, it may help them from feeling especially cold on chilly days. However, the biggest benefit of having floors insulated is the fact that they won’t experience heat loss. This means warm air in your home will stay there when you need it the most, which can put less stress on your heater during the winter.

Another advantage of flooring insulation is that it can help prevent hot air from rising in the summer, which can keep you cooler when it’s particularly hot outside. Homeowners also appreciate that insulation in the flooring can reduce flooring from warping due to increased moisture in the air.

Professional Help

When you need expert advice about what type of insulation you should have installed in your home, our contractors at Action 1 Insulation are here to help. They will do a full evaluation of your home to identify areas that need insulation and which material is the best option. With their advice and experience, you can have installation done with ease.

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