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When considering areas to insulate around your home, your crawl space should be one area you focus on. This can be a major source of air loss throughout the year, costing you more money than you may think. While crawl space insulation can certainly help, it’s important to avoid some of the most common mistakes when taking on this project. This includes forgetting about moisture control, using the wrong materials, and improperly sealing the space. Our team at Action 1 Insulation recommends working with an experienced contractor for these reasons. A contractor will take the time to explain your options and install what’s best for your crawl space.

What to Look For in Crawl Space Insulation

Insulating your crawl space can be tricky if you’re not sure which type of insulation to use. After all, there are many choices out there and the price can vary greatly between each option. To simplify your choice, you’ll want to look for the qualities below in the insulation that you choose.

Rigid Material

While soft fiberglass insulation was commonly used for crawl spaces in the past, contractors and homeowners quickly learned that these tend to absorb moisture. Unfortunately, this can lead to mold and mildew throughout the crawl space and rest of the home. This is why our team at Action 1 Insulation recommends using a rigid insulation material for your crawl space. Something that will not absorb water or moisture will be the best performing in any climate.

Fire Protection

Another important quality to look for in insulation is something that will protect your home from fires. If the insulation you choose is not naturally resistant to fires, then look for a barrier you can install that will further help protect your home.

Good R-Value

A material with a high R-value is important in your crawl space, as this will provide the best insulation possible. The values vary between materials, so always consider this before making your material choice. The thickness of the insulation can also impact the R-value, so consider how much you can fit with the space that you have.

Other Qualities to Look for:

  • Easy installation
  • Value
  • Fills gaps

Best Material Types to Consider

Fiberglass Batt

The affordable price of fiberglass batt can make it seem like a solid option to cover the ample square footage of your crawl space. However, this is not recommended by most contractors for use in this space. This is because fiberglass cannot provide adequate coverage on all sides of the crawlspace. As a result, it can easily absorb moisture from the ground and allow fiberglass particles to pass through the breathing air in your home. It can also begin to sag over time, which leaves air gaps that will reduce your energy efficiency and leave cold air spots throughout your home.

Since fiberglass batt insulation has a lower R-value per inch than other options, it’s best for other spots in your home. It’s simply not the right choice for the damp, dark, and tight area that a crawl space presents. If you have further questions about using fiberglass in your home, then our team at Action 1 Insulation would be glad to help.

Spray Foam

There are two types of spray foam that can be installed in your home, although only one is recommended for the crawl space. It’s worthwhile to learn about each of your options so you know why one choice is better than the other. With this knowledge, you will have peace of mind that you’re making the right choice for your home.

Why Consider Insulating the Floor Joist


Insulating the floor joists rather than the crawl space can help you save energy by preventing some cold air from rising into the rest of the house through the floor. However, this will not make the crawl space any warmer, nor will it prevent pipes from freezing. If you don’t live in a particularly cold climate, then this is an option well worth considering. However, if you want maximum energy savings, then Action 1 Insulation recommends having your full crawl space insulated by a contractor.

Rigid Foam Board

One insulation option you can rely on for your crawl space is rigid foam insulation. When this is installed, panels are shaped and stuffed into panels that are then mounted onto the crawl space to create a closed-cell insulation barrier. It’s waterproof, provides a reliable vapor barrier, and is easy to have installed in a tight space. However, these boards will not expand like spray foam does. This is why expert installation is so important and necessary for those who want every space filled.


Closed-cell spray foam insulation is rated at R-6 per inch. It’s the preferred choice over open-cell spray foam because open-cell does not create the vapor barrier that’s so important to have for this type of environment. When spray foam is properly installed by an experienced professional, it will create a solid barrier that resists both air and moisture. Once it’s fully dry, it will minimize air loss so you have no cold air spots and your home remains more comfortable throughout the year.

While there are many benefits of having closed-cell spray foam installed in this area, there are some downsides as well. Improper installation, such as overspray or imbalanced coverage, can lead to problems with moisture and air gaps. The cost of this material is also higher than other options, although most homeowners agree it’s worth it. To discuss your options, our team at Action 1 Insulation is here to help.


As we mentioned above, open-cell spray foam insulation is generally not recommended for crawl spaces. Not only is it lighter in weight than closed-cell, it also doesn’t harden the same. It leaves a spongy consistency that is more likely to absorb moisture and cause problems with mold and mildew. The R-value of this type of spray foam is 3.6 per inch, which is lower than it’s closed counterpart. You can use open-cell in many parts of your home, although it’s best to avoid the crawl space.

While it’s true that open-cell spray foam insulation is affordable, the downsides of installing in your crawlspace outweigh the positives. When you speak to your contractor about your choices, they’ll give you options that will perform much better in this space.

Why Hiring an Expert Team Makes Sense

Working with a professional is the best choice when it comes to insulating your crawl space. While this will mean more money out of your pocket, it’s absolutely worth it for the benefits you receive. Some of the most notable advantages of working with a contractor at Action 1 Insulation include:


Save Time

When you hire a contractor to help with crawl space insulation, they’ll streamline the process from the start. This means getting materials faster and having the insulation done without taking weeks or even months. Professionals have the skill and experience that it takes to get work done in the quickest amount of time possible. Fortunately, this doesn’t sacrifice quality because of their knowledge.



The cost of labor can make it seem like doing the insulation yourself will be a better choice. However, this is rarely the case. Many DIY installations turn into money-draining experiences as homeowners are unable to do things on their own. They end up having to purchase new materials, invest in new tools, and take time from their own personal lives.



For the cost of labor, you’ll get lasting results that you can rely on. Doing this work on your own may not produce the same value and you may end up needing to replace materials in just a short amount of time. Quality is important with insulation, making the cost of hiring a professional well worth it.



Whether you choose closed-cell spray foam or rigid-board insulation, both are excellent options. However, the benefits of the materials are reliant on the installation being done right. Proper installation requires the expertise of a professional who is familiar with what it takes to do the job properly. Fortunately, our team at Action 1 Insulation offers professional service and results that you can rely on.

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